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Executive Summary 

Dr. Robin Eutz is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Together We Can Consulting, LLC.   

Together We Can Consulting, LLC is an organization that provides consulting services to federal, state and local government funded agencies to assist with development of systematic and comprehensive plans that address public safety, social epidemics, alcohol and drug addictions, mental health, and adults returning to their communities. 

Together We Can Consulting, LLC provides community, faith based and behavioral health organizations with organizational development, assessments of service effectiveness, evaluation analyzes, capacity building, strategic planning, compliance/quality control strategies, education, training, research and technical support assistance.  

In addition, Together We Can Consulting, LLC is positioned to eliminate the guesswork for  non-profit agencies while saving the government unnecessary dollars in monitoring compliance issues, training, and developing infrastructure for new and existing grant awardees, organizations seeking funding, as well as non government funded agencies.

Business Concept

Together We Can Consulting, LLC provides opportunities to organizations that assist with developing business strategies in the area of grants, private and public funding sources, government guidelines, while organizations remain staged in their individualized missions.

We assist organizations in the faith and community based sectors in developing evidence-based programs and implementations of known best practices for their clients.  Social service activities and programs have evolved over the years, and yet social issues have metamorphosed into new trends while service providers have not been equipped with the training and innovative approaches needed to address these trends. 

Dr. Robin Eutz, founder of Together We Can Consulting, LLC brings a blend of social service concepts, education intertwined with clinical experiences in this consulting forum.  

Over the years, we have seen an increase in alcohol and drug usage amongst young people, adults and individuals returning to their communities. We have also seen non-effective interventions that were effective at one time, and has transcended to a greater need for innovative approaches. 

Together We Can Consulting, LLC works with the community based, faith based and behavioral health organizations to improve service effectiveness through capacity building, strategic planning, and compliance/quality control strategies, education and trainings. 

Our concept of purpose is to provide our partners with proven and effective strategies aligned with their mission that offers revenue driven and effective programmatic approaches for their clients. 

Business Strategy  

At Together We Can Consulting, LLC we propose to create a professional and cohesive environment with social service activities providing agencies the necessary tools to address the needs of the at risk population. 

Our business strategy is to design a comprehensive assessment, and evaluated plan of action that would allow agencies to implement best practices, capacity building and develop evidence based programs implementation.  

Our strategy is to ensure that the desired quality of care for clients that are serviced through agencies are achieved and effective.  We assure federal, state, local governments and other funding entities that quality and innovative practices are implemented as presented at the reception of funding and as outlined in the expectations of the grant.  

Our goal is to work with funders and service providers to meet the needs of the people and assure efficacy in spending public and private dollars.    

Our four-phase process offers a designed and individualized package that will create balance and mission focus in any workplace. 

Our four-phase process consist of the following steps:

 Phase I: 

I:  Assessment:

The assessment process is a two-fold process.  The consultant will confer with organization’s Department Heads or Executive Director and discuss problematic areas.  In this phase, the goal and outcome will lay foundation to the next steps.  Contingent on the needs of your organization, we will design an assessment tool for the sole purpose of collecting additional data to be utilized to achieve the desirable results.

II:  Evaluation:

Upon completion of data collection, we would analyze and evaluate the data.  The evaluation process will provide a clear understanding of problematic area and strategies in designing a plan of action to accomplish and achieve the desired results.  

III: Recommendations:

Recommendations are made pursuant to the plan of action with objectives to meet the goals of your organization.

Phase II:                                                 

I:  Program Development:

Together We Can Consulting will develop a written plan of action to include strategies defining the steps needed in areas up to and including staffing, training and organizational development.

Phase III:

I. Program Implementation

Implementation of the strategic plan of action is executed in this phase. We will work with your organization in achieving the intended goal.  Together We Can “Make It Happen.”

Phase VI:

I: Follow up Evaluation:

Together We Can Consulting, LLC will follow up with our partners on a regular basis for one year at the conclusion of program implementation to assure partner satisfaction of pre-determined goals. We will make necessary modifications and adjustments to ensure compliance to the specifications of our contract.



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