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We take personal health information and privacy seriously, which is why Together We Can Consulting, LLC and Dr. Dr. Robin Eutz and 100% encrypted and HIPAA compliant.  You can be confident that you are adhereing to the very best practices for online counseling.

 Providing Traditonal & E-Therapy for Substance Abuse Disorders, MAT Clients, Individuals & Groups, and Returning Adults 

Tradtional & E-Therapy specialized services include:

Our therapists have worked with substance abuse disorders and emotional, mental, and deviant behaviors in clients aged 12 to 82 for over 20 years with our thought-provoking therapy services for addiction, alcoholism, MAT counseling and recovery management (aftercare), and community reintegration. In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, we offer an individualized and therapeutic approach tailored to each client's individual needs.  

Our primary purpose is to help attain the personal growth desired and a sense of well-being. We use evidence-based techniques for Tradtional & E-Therapy approaches. As for 
E-Therapy, this approach provides several ways for us to communicate:

  1. E-mail (Secure)
  2. Instant Messaging (IM)
  3. Real-Time Chat
  4. Videoconferencing (VSee)

Substance Abuse/Addiction/MAT
Evidence-based program for  individual and goup counseling is a 50-minute session consisting of client-centered, conversational dialog to better understand your purpose and goal for seeking help. If you are a MAT client seeking provisions for your MAT program through E-Therapy, you will discover the benefits of both behavioral approaches and medication therapy, and the combined impact this has on your well-being. The initial session will last 80 minutes and will consist of:

Workbooks (additional cost)
Treatment/Recovery Plan
Documentation (releases of information, program participation, confidentially, etc.)
Homework Assignment 

Recovery Group Counseling (For those who recently relapsed or want to prevent a relapse)
Recovery group counseling sessions assist individuals by addressing addiction problems while working through feelings of shame, alienation, isolation, and social stigmas. Our program “Healing after Addiction” is a 12-week, 90-minute, interactive, and assignment-driven evidence-based group. Our objective in “Healing after Addiction” is to help those who are reentering the communitywhether from addiction or incarceration or bothin learning how to meet their own needs, and in helping them acquire skills necessary for developing healthy lifestyles. The group session consists of:

4 to 6 group members per closed session
Workbook (additional cost)
Strict attendance guidelines

Certificate of Completion

Recovery Management/Coaching
Individuals receive recovery systems of care practices to support each person’s individualized efforts toward obtaining and maintaining abstinence from alcohol and other drugs, and developing mental and emotional stability. Coaching and peer support through difficult situations and barriers provide individuals with hands-on counseling and support through non-traditional treatment activities. 

Prime for Life Classes

Prime For Life® is an evidence-based motivational prevention, intervention and pretreatment program specifically designed for people who might be making high-risk choices. This includes but is not limited to impaired driving offenders, college students, and young people charged with alcohol and/or drug offenses. It is designed to change drinking and drug use behaviors by changing beliefs, attitudes, risk perceptions, motivations, and the knowledge of how to reduce their risk of alcohol and drug related problems throughout their lives. Because Prime For Life® includes both prevention and intervention content, it is also designed in a way that serves universal, selective, and indicated audiences with program delivery options for each. 

Family Education  

Family Education works through educating family members on how to help and support their loved ones without enabling negative behaviors and thought processes. Our therapists will inform family members of resources in the community; but most importantly, family members will learn how to take care of themselves and approach their loved ones with a balanced sense of how the disease of addiction can impact others. Each session is contingent on the family members' needs.

Diagnostic Assessment 
Diagnostic Assessment are biopsychosocial assessment tool is globally accepted in behavioral health agencies throughout the United States of America.. The diagnostic assessment session can last up to 120 minutes (2 hours). 

Sessions availablity:
15, 30, 45, and 60-minute sessions (with the exveption of first session)  



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