Services Provided


Intensive Outpatient Treatment (12-16 weeks)

The Matrix approach emphasizes the use of outpatient techniques, which allow patients to live at home and continue working or attending school while they are in treatment. The uniqueness of this approach is the relationship between the counselor and the client is the primary treatment dynamic.

The Matrix Model, Intensive Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Treatment addresses core clinical areas within five groups: Individual/Conjoint sessions, Early Recovery Skills group, Relapse Prevention group, Family Education Group and Social Support Group. Also, Urine Analysis is a vital component of the model.

Individual Counseling & E-Therapy

Our primary purpose is to help clients obtain personal growth, guidance, and an overall sense of well-being. Our staff utilize evidence-based techniques and the best practices when working with clients. Our addiction and mental health therapists provide 60 minutes of individualized counseling, private, and confidential sessions.

For online counseling, Dr. Robin Eutz provides 100% encrypted and HIPAA compliant secure method for individualized sessions.  This method of session access works well for individuals who are confined to the house or office. Clients who participate in the court diversion program find it convenient and less stressful when trying to organize and receive authorization. E-therapy works well for those who have difficulty getting away from their busy work schedules.

Relapse Prevention and Recovery Planning

Recovery group counseling sessions assist individuals by addressing addiction problems while working through feelings of shame, alienation, isolation, and social stigmas. Our program “Healing after Addiction” is a 12-week, 90-minute, interactive, and assignment-driven evidence-based group. Our objective in “Healing after Addiction” is to help those who are reentering the community—whether from addiction or incarceration or both—in learning how to meet their own needs, and in helping them acquire skills necessary for developing healthy lifestyles. The group session consists of:

Peer Recovery Coaching

Clients will receive a Peer Recovery Coach designed to fill the need of those seeking and maintaining recovery.   This service provides coaching and peer support through difficult situations and barriers provide individuals with hands-on counseling and support through non-traditional treatment activities.

Recovery Housing for Men (NEW)

TWC Recovery House is a viable and cost-effective alternative to established recovery-oriented systems of care.  Our Recovery House is a good alternative because we provide safe and a healthy environment that support clients in their recovery. TWC work to empower clients by providing support as they transition towards living independent and productive lives in their respective communities. Our Recovery House offers a unique alternative to harm reduction—a component of the Housing First model—for individuals whose main goal is to find a sober living environment.

Case Management

Case management is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation, and advocacy for options and services to meet an individual’s and family’s comprehensive health needs through communication and available resources to promote quality, cost-effective outcomes.

Employment Readiness

Clients are guided and assisted with job search, dress for success, resume writing, interview skills, attitude and behavioral focus, budgeting, completing online applications and scheduling

Prime for Life Classes

Prime For Life® is an evidence-based motivational prevention, intervention and pretreatment program specifically designed for people who might be making high-risk choices. This includes but is not limited to impaired driving offenders, college students, and young people charged with alcohol and/or drug offenses. It is designed to change drinking and drug use behaviors by changing beliefs, attitudes, risk perceptions, motivations, and the knowledge of how to reduce their risk of alcohol and drug related problems throughout their lives. Because Prime For Life® includes both prevention and intervention content, it is also designed in a way that serves universal, selective, and indicated audiences with program delivery options for each.

Diagnostic Assessment

Alcohol and Other Drug Screening