TWC Recovery Housing

TWC Recovery House for Men

TWC Recovery Housing clients are individuals with the focused purpose of transitioning from dependency to self-sufficiency. Our credentialed, degreed, and qualified staff will support, mentor, and provide quality services to all individuals who are willing to persevere toward the achievement of their individualized goals.

TWC offers a program to assist individuals with clinical services, recovery and housing support, and employment readiness. Upon admission, each client will be placed in the program phase that most closely represents his or her current recovery status.

Upon admission, each resident will receive a client handbook and a bed with clean linen. There will be a discussion of informed consent, a diagnostic assessment, and a drug screening. A recovery coach will be assigned to work with the resident to develop an appropriate treatment/recovery/exit plan and will provide authentic care support throughout each phase of the program.

Resident Program Phases

Phase I

a. Acclimated to (IOP) and house rules

b. Adjusting to the community and available resources

c. Preparing for job seeking, medical changes and etc.

Phase II

a. Addressing barriers to self sufficiency

b. Seeking Employment

c. Adapting to scheduling, budgeting, etc.

d. Identifying and addressing other barriers

Phase III

a. Engaged in employment

b. Addressing emotional, psychological, and social barriers

c. Actively budgeting

d. Preparing for permanent housing

Phase IV

a. Focusing on Relapse Prevention and Recovery Planning

b. Move from IOP group to Relapse Prevention Plan

c. Preparing for discharge from IOP

d. Preparing for self-pay, budgeting, building a bank account etc.

Phase V: Transitioning Phase

a. Client is consistently working, attending 12-step meetings, and submitting housing applications. Client has a bank account, is engaged in a leadership role in resident housing activities, and has completed an exit/recovery plan


Self pay clients: 
$400 upon admission (This fee will cover the first two weeks.)
Thereafter, fees are $200.00 weekly or $800 monthly.

Recovery Works:  
Upon admission with Recovery Work's referral.

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Accepted Insurances:


United Health Care


Anthem Blue Cross